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Les résultats du Legacy Photography Awards

Les résultats du Legacy Photography Awards!sont arrivés aujourd’hui! Deux photos ont obtenu la distinction "Excellence" et une autre la distinction “Mention Gold”. Un grand merci va à Fatou Panizzi pour m’avoir fait confiance tout au longue de ce magique shooting photo maternité!

Voici le commentaire du jury:

“We wanted to highlight your black and white photograph because of the elegance conferred by the immense range of greys you have used, which add an unbeatable three-dimensionality and volumes.

We can't forget your excellent lighting work, which generates pleasant and fluid transitions between light and shadow, enhancing the textures of the skins.

The fact that you have used a plain background means that all the attention is focused on the mother's body language.

Her gaze is one of strength and pride while her smile indicates the immense happiness she is experiencing.

Her leg forward gives a beautiful sense of dynamism enhanced by the position of her baby's legs.

We would like to emphasise the photographer-model connection, which was the most valued aspect as it is the most delicate and perhaps the most important in a Maternity session.

The fact that the model poses naked, her expression of confidence in such an intimate moment as breastfeeding, her serene and calm look...Achieving this union is worthy of applause. We congratulate you on your excellent work and thank you sincerely for sharing it with us."

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